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The ECD Hub is a premier resource, one of Takalani Sesame’s digital offerings to practitioners, parents/caregivers, ECD NGO’s, policy makers and academia.

The Early Childhood Development Hub (ECD Hub) is developed by the people who bring you the beloved television and radio programme, Takalani Sesame.

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Who are we?

The ECD Hub is developed by the people who bring you the beloved television and radio programme, Takalani Sesame. The ECD Hub is primarily driven by the contents of the South Africa’s draft National Curriculum Framework for Children Birth to Four which urges:

  • Respectful ways of working with children
  • Quality experiences for children
  • Equality of opportunities
  • Full potential of all children irrespective of their differences (family background, culture, home language, gender, giftedness, learning difficulties or disabilities)

What we do.

Takalani Sesame’s ECD Hub plans to become the early childhood development resource of choice in South Africa and across southern Africa.

We intend to present up-to-date scholarship and educational materials and fun activities to support the development of four areas: Literacy, Numeracy, Life Skills, and, Social and Emotional Development.

We hope to become a vehicle for the exchange of ideas, best practices, educational resources between early education practitioners and other professionals.