The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has brought Takalani Sesame to the children of South Africa since the year 2000.  Takalani Sesame is an innovative multi-media programme that brings together radio, television and community outreach.  Takalani Sesame engages young minds to acquire concepts and skills needed to thrive in the constantly changing, continually challenging world.

 Takalani Sesame has been embraced by prominent leaders in the South African business, education and broadcasting community.  The education and entertainment formula of Takalani Sesame aids cognitive development in children.  Through the years parents and caregivers have been trained to use Takalani Sesame television and radio programmes to enhance the development of their children in the early years, and by doing so have provided them with a head start when they enter grade one.

Media is a powerful tool with which to advance and enhance learning opportunities for young children in South Africa.  Education underpins every aspect of day-to-day life; through Takalani Sesame children have the opportunity to be better prepared with literacy, numeracy, and life skills which will help them in their journey from childhood to adult life.
In the year 2000 an overwhelming majority of South African children didn’t have access to formal pre-school so Takalani Sesame was an ideal way to jumpstart their learning. 

The content was taken to the most needy and remote areas of the country. The outreach programme shared reception year teaching and learning materials to young children, care givers, parents and educators. ‘Takalani’ which means ‘be happy’ in TshiVenda conveys the spirit of happiness and innocence.
 Established in 1996, SABC Education is an SABC business unit responsible for delivering the educational mandate of the public broadcaster.   In true South African social tradition, SABC Education meets this challenge by delivering compelling educational content for diverse audiences in South Africa and the rest of Africa.
SABC Education’s content, gathered from a wide range of educational issues contributes to a rich cultural shared South African identity.
Using radio, television, web, print, outreach, telephones, cell phones and other new media platforms, SABC Education’s programming and services reach most South Africans.
SABC Education’s programming for children covers issues in the following two categories:

  1. Early Childhood Development
: Through the Children’s unit programming stimulates early learning and helps bring pre-school children to a level of school preparedness by providing basic numeracy, literacy, language, learning, communication, problem solving life skills.
  2. Formal Education
: Programming that supports the accredited curriculum from reception year to tertiary for learners and educators targeting the foundation, intermediate, senior, FET (Further Education and Training), higher and ABET (Adult Basic Education and Training) education phases.