• Today’s Word is Unanimous

    Today’s Word in English is Unanimous

    Zuzu and her friends say the word “unanimous” together. Everyone agrees that everyone can agree, and Zuzu and her friends agree with that!

  • Today’s Word is Surprise

    Today’s Word in English is Surprise

    Do you like surprising your friends at school? What do you do? Watch as Zuzu visits a school and learners help her with the word surprise. It will surprise you!

  • Today’s Word is Magnify

    Today’s Word in English is Magnify

    Zuzu visits friends at a school who show us how to magnify.
    Bigger and bigger and bigger! Zuzu visits friends at a school and shows them how to make things look bigger.

  • Today’s Word is Identical

    Today’s Word in English is Identical

    Zuzu loves words! Watch her and her friends share a word with us.

  • Today’s Word is Friend

    Today’s Word in English is Friend

    Neno tells us friends are caring and always helpful. Neno likes that brothers and sisters can also be friends.

  • Todays Word is Remember

    This Week’s Word is Remember

    Neno is at a school with his friends and they tell us how important it is to remember.

  • Todays Word is Career

    This week’s Word is Career

    Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? Neno is thinking about the word “career”.

  • Todays Word is Transportation

    This week’s Word is Transportation

    Neno is busy out and about and he is teaching us about different kinds of transportation.